Asha is a writer, poet, spiritual guide, healer, and dancer. She is a warrior who transmutes shadow into light. Her life has been transformed by her own deep inner healing from one of fakeness, fear, and mental and physical illness into a life of spiritual abundance, divine guidance, passion, and service.


Asha is an intuitive guide and healer with a strong connection to spirit and a deep calling to serve. She offers tarot readings, guided meditations, energy healing, and chakra assessments.


Asha’s writing ranges from insightful articles to soul-aching erotica. Her writing is informed by her complex and seasoned past, her healing spiritual journey, and the passions and lows of simply being a human.

Radical Dance

Healing can occur through radically creative, intuitive, and performative dance. Group workshops are available! One-on-one sessions are coming soon!

Online Tools & Resources

Download and purchase e-books that level up your personal spiritual practice and expand your knowledge.

Do You See Repeating Numbers?

When repeating numbers appear, its a sign from spirit! But its so much more than that! I addressed the most common concerns in regards to seeing repeating numbers and ways to deepen your experience with them. Check out my latest e-book!

When Was the Last Time You Meditated?

I’m offering donation-based guided meditations! Pay what you can even if that’s $0!

If you’re new to meditation or an advanced meditator, I can guide you to a place of deep calm and help you call in or release what you desire.

If you would like to support Asha in her work and on her journey, click the button below to learn how.

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