Yesterday, I did DMT and experienced overwhelming joy. I was surrounded by golden yellow butterfly beings who welcomed me and showed me a level love I’ve never experienced before. I was grinning and laughing and crying. Everything I looked at, was like looking it for the first time, like a baby, and I was in constant awe.

Last night, I saw a UFO. It was 12am. I was sitting and talking with my friend, Keena, and we both saw a bright light appear among the stars. But it was so much bigger. It was flying away from us and the light got smaller and smaller and then…it just disappeared.

In May, I took photos of the stars you see above and was blown away of what they look like when you zoom in. I don’t know how to explain what is happening but I believe the stars are alive and communicating with us.

There is so much more to this world than what you see on social media or tv. More than they want you to see. But the truth is, we all have access to this information and to these experiences. Do not be afraid to talk about these sorts of things. It is important to share, teach, and learn so we can all grow together. I understand it can be scary because it’s new, so I’ll go first…

1. I have seen ufos before when I lived in Tucson.
2. My first DMT experience was a week ago and it was nothing like yesterday’s.
3. I have taken LSD and become one with the Earth.
4. I have seen rainbow beings through dedicate meditation.
5. I feel a nearly constant vibration of energy in the soles of my feet that didn’t start until I took psychedelics.

So let’s chat! What have you experienced that you’ve been hesitant to share? What have you seen that you can’t explain? What do you know to be true bit society rejects? If you’d rather be anonymous, dm me on Instagram @asha.oya OR email me and inquires@ashaoya.com and I’ll repost it removing your name. Everyone should be heard!

Much love,


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