After working through the trials of the full moon victoriously, celebrate. You are not alone on your path so gather in small groups (or online) and show gratitude for your amazing life.

It’s time, once more, to break the chains that hold you back. You’ve named these chains, maybe lack mentality, or unworthiness, or fear of rejection. You are being presented with opportunities to step into your power. Being yourself, shouldn’t be rebellious. This is a chance to add another tool to your repertoire: Resolve.

All of existence is being called to look at itself. What does it all mean to you? What is your purpose? Big questions, bigger reward. Dreams are powerful tools for manifestation. There are intentional dreams and nighttime dreams. When you say your dream is to start a business, but constantly daydream about how it will all go wrong, your energy is not in sync and the energy around you will align to that reflecting back that which you don’t want. You create your reality so get clear and intune what that means for you.

Balance is key. Celebration and Ice-solation. Your intuition will tell you when you need to take some time alone. When we are alone, in a safe cocoon, we can release trauma and old bonds. When the ice melts away and we emerge, we are not the same yet more ourselves.


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