4/14/20 Dream

Two souls incarnate as women and battle at a large costume party in Mexico. One of them is me and I have a gun. One is Issa Rae and she has a knife. We dance around the crowded dance floor shooting and stabbing each other. We are both weak. A thundering voice says to come together. We ignore it and we both kill each other. Our souls are placed in an ocean with other souls to rest. The thundering voice says that after countless reincarnations we are still eternal mortal enemies and that we will never be incarnated by again because we can't get past it.


Regarding the Issa Rae appearance, I do not know her personally and cannot explain why she appeared in the dream. If you aren’t familiar with dream work, know that people who appear in your dreams aren’t always that exact person. Sometimes they represent a trope or archetype. In this case, I am not sure what the Issa Rae figure represents.

What I found most interesting about the dream was the God voice. We both heard it over the crowd but no one else seemed to hear it. When we were placed in the ocean ( I call it an ocean but I don’t really know. It was water that was of infinite volume. We slowly floated to the floor of it.), it was peaceful. Visually, I wasn’t myself anymore. I could see us. Our form was that of a black metallic-looking substance in the shape of symbols which appeared to be broken. Imagine a cross for instance with an arm broken off. I can’t exactly recall which symbol she was and I was BUT there was a symbol of a swastika with am arm broken off. Again, I am not sure what that means.

The overall message that’s coming through is to listen to and follow that higher divine voice that inside of us all. We each have lessons to learn in this incarnation and we don’t the significance of action or inaction. The overall lesson appears to be “Love.”

Have you had a similar dream? What did you make of it?

Much Love,

4/14/20 Dream

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