4/15/20 Dream Interpretation: Friends and the Future

I'm army crawling through a rugby field full of sports equipment to a park concert. I sit and more people come. Pretzel snacks are being passed around and I pass some of mine along so that everyone has some. I help spread the food and I'm crawling past people.  I eventually end up in the middle of a group of people and they make room for me to join their circle. I sit and look at them and I know they are my friends.
I see a friend. He walks towards me saying hi. I get up from sitting crosslegged and we hug. It feels so welcoming and warm. He says it feels like a mother's hug because he's a little shorter than me. The weather is perfect: windy, overcast, about 65 degrees, slight humidity. I tell my friend and ask him where is the weather like this all the time and he says Louisiana. I scrunch my face and ask where not on the coast. He ruminates out-loud. 
[I wake up].
I am doing my friend, Iman's, makeup. I'm using pure golden yellow makeup and she looks like the sun. We do a fun photoshoot where I take trippy photos of her.


Share, give, and love others (who are actually the self) and you will be surrounded by people who love you.

Future home LA or somewhere similar?

I miss my bestie.

Have you had a similar dream about finding a new home or your best friend? What did you make of it?

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4/15/20 Dream Interpretation: Friends and the Future

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