My name is Asha Oya Ivy.

You can call me Asha.

I was re-born 8/2/2019.

I am a writer, trainer, healer, and mirror. I enable people to solve their own problems through intuitive feeling, conscious thought, practical application, and reinforcement.

I have been on this planet for 27 revolutions.

I live in the desert aka Tucson.

My skin is brown.

My eyes are big.

I obtained a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa.

I am an ONNIT Academy Trainer. I received my certification from ONNIT at their headquarters in Austin, Texas.

my story

This is the umpteenth blog I’ve started and it probably won’t be the last because I love to write.

I can’t escape it.

I also love to learn and experiment and do weird things that no one else is doing.

  • tarot
  • lucid dreaming
  • micro-dosing psychedelics
  • making my own medicine
  • creating mantras
  • burlesque and pole dance

I also know that I am hear to help people, with these words, with my voice, with my body.

I’ve had some form of depression and anxiety on and off since junior high. I’ve never been diagnosed. I first saw a therapist at the age of 25. My most common thought was “I’m worthless.” I believed that. I believed that I didn’t deserve what other people did. Despite that, I was pretty high-functioning. At 25 revolutions, my boyfriend broke up with me and I got fired and my entire world fell apart. I had no concept of who I was, what I liked to do on weekends, what my favorite restaurant was, what goal I was working on, or why I should be alive. But I knew I couldn’t die. Not yet. I couldn’t let them win.


All of those people who had said I wouldn’t be anything and I believed them. I had to prove them and my ego wrong. I realized that I had a tendency to dissociate, avoid, and escape. I realized that I had no friends and work was my only hobby.

In middle school, I realized I was “fat” and started dieting and working out. In high school, I was trained by an Olympic medalist in shot put and discus and gained a valuable understanding of Olympic-style weightlifting and strength training. More than anything, it taught me how to control my body with my mind. I’ve done pescetarianism, vegetarianism, veganism, low-carb high-fat, low-cab high-protein, and ketogenic diets. I’ve done weightlifting, high intensity interval training, rowing, running, yoga, meditation, pole dance, and burlesque. At lowest, I’ve weighed 145 lbs and at my highest, 190 lbs. I am 5′ 8″. My current weight is ~ 165 lb.

The last 2 revolutions, I have listened to hundreds of podcasts, read tons of books, had tons of adventures, and written hundreds of pages to get out of a deep depression, ease my anxiety, heal my body, and have a life that I am proud of.

Is everything perfect? No. And that’s not the goal.

My goal is Love, Growth, and Connection. I have all three right now and I am pretty happy with that.

Sometimes, I still struggle but I have tools now and I want to share them with you.

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