Animal Tarot Reading

I followed an inkling I had a few weeks ago and did a reading for Maya, my Australian Shepherd.

I was shocked.⚡

Maya’s soul has reincarnated. I don’t know how many times. I knew that prior to the reading. She has so much personality it often seems like she gets frustrated with our struggles to understand each other. She is learning and experiencing life all over again, just like me.

The Ace of Pentacles took me a moment. The 1 is also in the Rebirth card  which is the number 10. 1 amplified. New beginnings. Back to pentacles…

Her soul choose a domesticated dog because it offered the opportunity of a life unlike any other. Dogs are one of the few animals who are so well integrated into our society and families. What I also feel is that she was seeking material security and prosperity.

It really makes TOO much sense.

She is always loved and fed. She has a comfortable place to sleep, toys to play with, and a human to protect and who protects her, a family.

She has achieved the abundance of family.

Dogs are also very earthy and grounding. She almost always has some dirt on her paws. She loves digging and playing with and eating rocks too.

When Maya doesn’t have a way to release her energy, she can destroy physical things. I have learned its important that she is stimulated and occupied.

I sometimes worry that Maya is unhappy. I’m not perfect and I’ve made mistakes.

These cards helped me realize what’s most important to Maya: family and security.

I know I can give that to her and that makes me happy.

Animal Tarot Reading

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