New Services!

I have been cultivating these gifts for a long time and am happy to offer Tarot and Pendulum services now! I have received such loving and overwhelmingly positive feedback about my readings over the years and I want to offer this to everyone. Advertisements


I Miss Dance

For those of you who don’t follow my other ig, @the.pure.pressure or who haven’t known me for long, dance was and still is a transformative force and creative outlet for me. Businesses being closed has also meant I can’t go to in-person classes and its affected me more than I initially thought. My entry into […]


I’ve been feeling depressed for about 2 weeks. ●Why am I depressed? Self-generated lack of clarityLack of control over fear-slanging ego who says I am not enough and don’t have enough ●What does being depressed look like (for me)?Avoiding emotions through foodOversized portions + comfort foodNot talking to people (hermit mode)Not taking care of personal […]

I’m Kitchen-Sick!

I love food! I’ll eat almost anything. Something that I miss being nomadic is having a kitchen to work with. I definitely have a list of dishes I can’t wait to make once I find a homebase: bourbon bread pudding, fried chicken, homemade cured salmon, just to name a few. Just cause I don’t have […]

Period Talk

I’m almost done with my period and it’s been one of the most intense cycles I’ve had in a while. I blame it on th he alcohol! Last weekend, I got drunk and dealt with dehydration from it for about 3-4 days. I was drinking so much water and it was barely making a dent. […]

Honesty & Vulnerability: I Need a Break From My Dog

Maya, my dog, is driving me crazy. It’s more like my inability to cope with her energy and needs. I’m on my period and I don’t think that’s helping things. Basically I need a break. I’m not happy. I don’t think she always is either. I have tried to find ways to accommodate both her […]

Fear is Our Compass

I just talked to an amazing woman about letting go of control and facing fears. She’s productive and extremely successful in her field but is afraid of being vulnerable, afraid of emotional pain, afraid of people having power over her. I got worked up during our chat because I’ve heard this so many times and […]

Assisted Tarot Readings

These are honestly my FAVORITE readings to do! Why? Because I get to TEACH on top of giving a reading AND you walk away feeling like a bad*ss tarot reader who can do it on their own During these readings, we use your own deck or one of mine and I guide you through a […]

Sturgeon Full Moon Spread + Ritual

The full moon is here y’all! I actually saw it 2 days ago in Salida, CO and thought I was crazy because I swore it wasn’t here yet. Last night, as I was falling asleep in my tent, I saw a beam of bright white light shining outside my tent, accompanied by coyotes howling. But […]

August Tarot

There is something in your life ready to come forth right now. More than ready. Ripe. Multiple aspects of your life have come into balance. All the work you’ve done to prepare for this new beginning hasn’t been for nothing. Or maybe an opportunity has fallen into your lap and you only need to eat […]

Asha talks: How I Pull Cards

This was inspired by a question from a friend. I don’t pull cards the same way all the time. Its very intuitive and changes often. I go into the specifics of my process in the recording below.

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