Thank you so much to every single person who completed the survey I sent out last month! Your feedback and opinions were invaluable in helping me understand your needs and direct my services. Time flies though! Since I sent that survey out, my spiritual gifts have continued to grow and spirit has guided me to […]

New Services!

I have been cultivating these gifts for a long time and am happy to offer Tarot and Pendulum services now! I have received such loving and overwhelmingly positive feedback about my readings over the years and I want to offer this to everyone.

Spiritual Breadcrumbs

I woke up this morning feeling. Every single day since the Fit for Service summit ended, I have felt a different emotion. I like to see that as detoxing and aligning. I remembered my ethos statement from months past. There was a line that said “when I need spiritual guidance, I read the Law of […]


This message came to me during a plant ceremony a few nights ago. In the energetic height of ceremony, I was like…hell yeah! Now, a few days later…adjusting to my everyday life again…I’m like yeeeah. I’m having a similar experience with other messages that have come through during the recent Fit for Service summit. Integration, […]

Full Moon Check-In

Check out the full post and video below! View this post on Instagram #fullmoon #fullmoonritual #harvestmoon #piscesmoon #meditation #tarot #intention #reflection A post shared by Asha "ah-sh-uh"|Writer Tarot (@asha.oya) on Oct 2, 2020 at 9:27am PDT

Pisces Full Moon

♓Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter rules Thursday. This full moon is on a Thursday which strengthens the influence of Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of law, rules, and intelligence manifested. We’re really being called to assess our laws and traditions on a collective scale and our morales and values on an individual scale. […]


The past week has really opened my eyes to who I am on a deeper level. Last week, on 2 different occasions, I unintentionally absorbed others energy and was basically plunged into my shadow’s aspect of that which I embodied. The first was romance, sexuality, love. This was disorienting and intense because for the past […]

Liberating Your Voice

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and they have been struggling to express themselves emotionally for fear of being rude, or saying the wrong thing. As a result, they don’t end up really expressing themselves. The words lack the emotion that generated them. And after the conversation, they’re left feeling […]

Sponge | 9/25/20

Man, yesterday was a rollercoaster. After giving a reading, I felt like I had absorbed some of the client’s energy. As it manifested in me, I felt so lonely and needing of comfort and touch in a way that I haven’t in a long time. Part of me was also working “is some of this […]

Spiritual Update: Let Go

This message flowed right out of me! As I channel, I usually hear what is said, pause to interpret then write it down but this time, there was no listening, just flow. This week you’re being called to let go on a large scale. Not just your karma you know about, but past life karma. […]

Signs You Can’t Ignore: “The Monster I Created”

I woke up at 5 am today. I’d forgotten to turn my hiking alarm off from yesterday. I looked at my phone and no one has made any offers on the storage items I need to sell and I felt disappointed. I remembered a weird intense dream from last night and needed to write it […]

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