New Moon

This new moon is different for me. I fasted today and hope to fast tomorrow until I do a personal ritual. I’m camping in the Oregon wilderness with no signal so will not likely provide a grand spread or elaborate instructions. What I am feeling is a need to deeply cleanse. Not just body but […]

Energetic Exchange

That’s what comes to mind when I read the lyrics to “WAP” by Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion. What I love about this song is that it’s so fun! For folks who love sex, sensuality, and even bdsm, this song is a playground of visuals, sounds, and sensations. Now sex is not the same […]

Asha Talks: Triggers, Trauma, and Healing

There’s a quote by someone or maybe everyone. It goes something like, “A good teacher is always a student.” This video was made from the student perspective where I was brought into a situation to be a teacher. I wanted to take note of the lessons I learned for myself and for you. Enjoy!

Meditating with Amphibole

Walking down stairs that were moving up and so I wasn’t really moving at all. Looking up, I saw the bottom of the spiral staircase and in it, memories of masked men in all black on black horses fighting in the desert with swords. I realized that time is an illusion. Everything is happening now. […]

My Journey to Fit for Sevice and Where I’m Headed Next

My journey of self-realization started way back when I lived in Iowa City. I was dating a man, working for an insurance company, and struggling with depression. I made a choice for me: move to Arizona and pursue my career alone. About 3 months after I moved, my boyfriend at the time broke up with […]

I Miss Dance

For those of you who don’t follow my other ig, @the.pure.pressure or who haven’t known me for long, dance was and still is a transformative force and creative outlet for me. Businesses being closed has also meant I can’t go to in-person classes and its affected me more than I initially thought. My entry into […]


I’ve been feeling depressed for about 2 weeks. ●Why am I depressed? Self-generated lack of clarityLack of control over fear-slanging ego who says I am not enough and don’t have enough ●What does being depressed look like (for me)?Avoiding emotions through foodOversized portions + comfort foodNot talking to people (hermit mode)Not taking care of personal […]

I’m Kitchen-Sick!

I love food! I’ll eat almost anything. Something that I miss being nomadic is having a kitchen to work with. I definitely have a list of dishes I can’t wait to make once I find a homebase: bourbon bread pudding, fried chicken, homemade cured salmon, just to name a few. Just cause I don’t have […]

Period Talk

I’m almost done with my period and it’s been one of the most intense cycles I’ve had in a while. I blame it on th he alcohol! Last weekend, I got drunk and dealt with dehydration from it for about 3-4 days. I was drinking so much water and it was barely making a dent. […]

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