Shadow Who? I’m Bringing the Light

“I got 99 problems but…” I hope you don’t have 99 problems but I’m guessing if I gave you a piece of paper, you could write down close to that if not more. Most of the things that you might write are not your problems. They are just conditions that are outside of your control […]

You Are Your Spiritual Guide

All that you seek lies within you. Yeah, I know. But its true. Really. Everything that you’ve done until now has been to try to get back to a sense of well-being. All any of us wants is to feel better. What gets us in knots is trying to seek that well-being from external sources, […]

The long-awaited Soul-Alignment Masterclass is available!

It has been a long and beautiful process which has truly changed me. This is the ULTIMATE deconditioning course! Its detailed, packed with real examples from my own life, and provides all the benefits of having me, Asha, as a coach, with none of the hassle of scheduling. The Soul-Alignment Masterclass is a 100% online […]

My Gift to You! Feel Good Now Mini Course

I have been getting a lot of interest in the Soul-Alignment Masterclass I’m creating which is amazing! I’m so blessed! The beta testing is going well but is still underway. So I created a mini course called the “Feel Good Now Mini-Course”. Its inspired by some of my recent epiphanies around law of attraction and […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: FREE Journaling Course

On my blog, I often post meditations, dreams, poems, and reflections. All of that comes from my journal. I write in it nearly everyday and its my muse. It holds nearly all of the thoughts that my mind generates and serves as a source of gold when I go back through it to mine for […]

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