My Journey

My Top Personal 2020 Quotes

I went through all of my social media and blog posts from 2020 to remember all the moments and insights that meant the most to me then, signified a personal shift, or just sounded dang beautiful. I started at 1, at the beginning of this year. When I hit March I cried. As I read […]

Vlog: Am I Losing My Mind?

In this video, I share my experience waking up and feeling “off” and how I get back to center! I outline the steps I took over the past two days very clearly in the following video “You are not your Thoughts + Emotions! Get Back to Your Center!” which premieres on 12/5/20 :… Here’s […]

Shining a Light on Shame

Last week, I had a Fit for Service group call. Prior to the call, I pulled out my journal and wrote, “I’m not sure what to ask him. I don’t have any questions!” I came to the call to listen and see what I could learn and takeaway from everyone else. As I listened to […]

My Freeform Locs

I started this journey around 3 months ago and it was less that I really wanted to do it but more like…its happening. My guides spoke to me and I knew I was being led. It wasn’t about hair. I mean it was, but not in the way you might think. I talk about my […]


It was 2018…I was sitting in meditation and a voice told me to take a new name. After a week or so of research and meditation, it found me. Oya is my middle name but truly, I wanted it to be my first name. Why? It felt more like me at the time. I didn’t […]

My Soul Wander: Lake Tahoe, NV August 31, 2020

A soul wander is an opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of nature. Its not about the destination but about having a conversation with nature. My intention for the soul wander was, “Connect more deeply with Mother Earth to express our shared Truth.” I began to walk East. I wore hiking boots, a fanny […]

No Sugar Ceremony

For the past 23 days, I have not eaten any  sugar, honey, sugar alternatives, or corn syrup (except where I genuinely believed there were none). For those wondering, I didn’t not cut out fruits. I love my fruits! Today I was at the grocery store and had the idea to make a funny video about […]

My Purpose

This is my background on the first screen of my phone. I use a text box widget app to put whatever words of wisdom or questions that I need to see front and center. I updated it today to display my purpose as prompted by Aubrey Marcus of Fit for Service. My purpose has evolved […]

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