You’re hurting fighting and morning I know I can’t fix this for you but let me soothe you smooth out the rough edges of the emotions nourish and unwind your body validate and caress your ego serve you selflessly while my own ego takes a seat.


Art doesn’t require an explanation a description a caption an analysis or a background story.

“Fuck Chastity”

Why do I have to pretend to be prude to be chaste or be pure? Why do I have to pretend that I don’t want sex as much as a man? Why do I have to hold out and wait for some arbitrary date to have sex? I don’t. You don’t. Life is too short […]


I think I have a lesson in anger to learn. I rarely feel it. When it comes I feel black growing behind my eyes. In the past its burned me inside because I thought it was my fault. Now I see it for what it is. A tool.


Some people only come into your life to be a mirror. Some come to show you what you want and simultaneously what you don’t need. This life is a practice. A practice of your values and morals, not only as it relates to yourself, but this interactive world we live in. When shit hits, will […]

“Sign Post”

Listen to that voice. Never be so committed that you miss your exit. Some things aren’t meant to last forever but are meant to get you through.

“Growing Pains”

Most want to hurry through the process quickly transform get it over with because it hurts but that’s the point sit with the discomfort learn why this shift is soooo uncomfortable for you otherwise you may soon find yourself here again.


Being free is also allowing yourself to change in any and every way at any time it serves you. Don’t box yourself in or allow others to do the same. Though a tree is rigid it sways with the winds.


Do the little things. All of them. Make it so that its harder not to do them. And before you know it, you’ve gone and done something big, something you never imagined.

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