Assisted Tarot Readings

These are honestly my FAVORITE readings to do! Why? Because I get to TEACH on top of giving a reading AND you walk away feeling like a bad*ss tarot reader who can do it on their own During these readings, we use your own deck or one of mine and I guide you through a […]


Sturgeon Full Moon Spread + Ritual

The full moon is here y’all! I actually saw it 2 days ago in Salida, CO and thought I was crazy because I swore it wasn’t here yet. Last night, as I was falling asleep in my tent, I saw a beam of bright white light shining outside my tent, accompanied by coyotes howling. But […]

August Tarot

There is something in your life ready to come forth right now. More than ready. Ripe. Multiple aspects of your life have come into balance. All the work you’ve done to prepare for this new beginning hasn’t been for nothing. Or maybe an opportunity has fallen into your lap and you only need to eat […]

Asha talks: How I Pull Cards

This was inspired by a question from a friend. I don’t pull cards the same way all the time. Its very intuitive and changes often. I go into the specifics of my process in the recording below.

New Services!

I have been cultivating these gifts for a long time and am happy to offer Tarot and Pendulum services now! I have received such loving and overwhelmingly positive feedback about my readings over the years and I want to offer this to everyone.

After working through the trials of the full moon victoriously, celebrate. You are not alone on your path so gather in small groups (or online) and show gratitude for your amazing life. It’s time, once more, to break the chains that hold you back. You’ve named these chains, maybe lack mentality, or unworthiness, or fear […]

Animal Tarot Reading

I followed an inkling I had a few weeks ago and did a reading for Maya, my Australian Shepherd. I was shocked.⚡ Maya’s soul has reincarnated. I don’t know how many times. I knew that prior to the reading. She has so much personality it often seems like she gets frustrated with our struggles to […]


I did an experimental reading for myself and asked my inner voice, my divine self, to show themselves to me so that I may know them more fully. These are the cards that presented themselves to me. Of course! The Creator and Guidance were the first to show up and that is so clear and […]

Card of the Day

Your inner Queen or King is talking to you. If you listen often, their voice is gentle and supportive. If you don’t, it might sound like a crackle of lightning. We often talk about what the inner voice is saying. But what about their identity? What do they look like? What do they feel like? […]

From Fighting to Flowering

Yesterday, I experienced fulfillment that transcended anything I’ve ever experienced AND I know it will only increase from here. I was my self. My vibrant, loving, giving, supportive self. I was myself and, as a result, people were attracted to me and wanted to engage with me in tarot. I had the pleasure of guiding […]

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