Are you living in the past?

When Did We Stop Being Helpful & Kind to Each Other?

This is a response to Bill Burr talking about how Amazon crushed stores like Walmart, Target, etc because Bezos saw that a specific subset of the market was not being catered to: agoraphobic obese individuals. The video is below. Burr says that those individuals are shamed when they go to those stores and Bezos gives […]

Intro to Burlesque is Back!

I held my 1st Intro to Burlesque workshop last weekend and it was a success! To be honest, I was nervous, but who isn’t when starting something new? What made the workshop amazing was everyone that showed up with an open-mind and open-heart to learn something new and move their body in new ways. We […]

Wanna Learn Burlesque? (Men, You Can Too!)

As you may know, I recently auditioned at a strip club! That experience went well and the reason why is that it reinforced my preference and love for burlesque! I recently had the pleasure of performing for my Fit for Service family, and received lots of interest from them in this regard! I decided to […]

Mindful Blogging

I’ve been blogging since I was a teenager. After starting blog after blog, I’ve come to develop little things that help me create the most authentic and clear blog posts and feel good while doing it. These are my tips for blogging in a mindful way! Share with your #blogger friends! Much love,Oya


I had a dream that I had raised horizontal scars from my ankle to my hips. In this dream, they meant so much to me. They were a part of me. “Scarification or cicatrization is an invasive way of permanently marking the body through cutting (or even branding) the skin, and manipulating the healing process. […]

Flow State

Today I was on a roll! I wrote 4 posts for my blog, 3 of which were on totally brand new topics I rarely post about but have been wanting to. What was different today than other days, was the fact that when I had a little idea bob to the surface my mind, I […]

Full Moon Check-In

Check out the full post and video below! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Asha Oya | Writer Guide Travel (@asha.oya)

Your Input Needed!

Thank you to those of you who’ve completed the survey! It really means a lot and helps me understand what you all need most right now. For those of you who haven’t yet. Please complete my survey. I am restructuring my offerings and planning for the future of my life and business. You are who […]

Your Input Needed!

I have a ton of ideas of offerings I want to roll out but I need to narrow things down and get a feel for what folks actually want right now. Please fill out this survey!! I’d greatly appreciate it! https://forms.gle/jCrqSxEpDmroFt7t9 I have been working hard to plan the next steps of my business and […]

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