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About Course

Create your own personalized and custom journaling practice that increases self-awareness based in Love.



This quote will be your anchor as you begin or continue your journaling practice. It is a practice. A practice of commitment, accountability, patience, and vulnerability. Journaling is not about logging what you did each day or hoping they’re discovered to be prolific once one passes. I know because I’ve done that and hoped that. I know that it’s pointless and not enough to keep the practice going. What I do know with over 20 years of experience writing and journaling is that it must add value to our lives if we’re going to keep it going.

What kind of value?

Depends on you. For me, I can say anything in my journal, get humongous weights off my chest, without fear of judgement or ridicule. Another one for me is becoming aware of what’s bothering me. You’d be surprised how often people don’t know why they feel they way they do and don’t think to really look at it. There are so many more reasons but if you’re here, you likely already have your own and those will carry you through this course. Let’s begin with those very reasons, those value-adders.


Topics for this course

8 Lessons

Why do you want to create a journaling practice?

Part 1- Why?
Part 2 – Is It From a Place of Love?
Part 3 – Get It On Paper

What Do You Want To Know?

Maintaining Your Journaling Practice

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