I’ve been feeling depressed for about 2 weeks.

●Why am I depressed?

Self-generated lack of clarity
Lack of control over fear-slanging ego who says I am not enough and don’t have enough

●What does being depressed look like (for me)?
Avoiding emotions through food
Oversized portions + comfort food
Not talking to people (hermit mode)
Not taking care of personal hygiene
Sleeping A LOT
Escaping (porn, food, YouTube, social media)
Always on the verge of tears
Not meditating as much

●How do I get out of my depression?
Confronting the reason I’m depressed instead of avoiding it

●How do I do that?
I’ll show you…

I feel that I don’t have clarity, that I don’t know what to do next, that I am just floating out of control, helplessly.

Facts: I do have clarity. I am a guide who is on the life-long journey of learning lessons and modalities so that I can help myself and others heal and thrive. My next steps are massage school and international travel. In order to achieve that, I will need to save money that I make. If necessary, I’ll get a part-time job.

I don’t feel like I am enough. I feel like I need to be doing more but I am not motivated.

Fact: I am enough. All of the social media binging has reinforced the negative idea that I need to be other that what I am. I do a lot already. I am living my life. I am constantly writing and researching. A break from social media binging would be beneficial.

I don’t have enough money. I need more stability. What if something bad happens and I can’t take the hit?

Fact: I am abundant. I have enough money to buy food and gas for a few months. If I need more, I can get another job. I have friends who care deeply for me and who I can express myself honestly to. I am healthy and strong. I am strong in spirit and mind, despite my slips. Everyday I am blessed by the beauty and awe of the world I love in.

●How do I feel now?

The alarms are off. I have perspective now. Emotions don’t equal facts. Any other Emotional Authority folks out there?

I don’t feel well physically. Multiple days of eating poorly has me feeling heavy, brain fog, unmotivated, and gross.

Spiritually I am less connected due to my diet. My intuition isn’t as strong or consistent cause I hadn’t been listening to it.

● What do I do next?
When I feel the urge to binge social media, I’ll read a book instead
Return portions to a normal amount
Meditate to connect with intuition
When I feel those old feelings, read aloud the above facts + if needed, journal
Keep it movin’ (working, researching, learning, socializing)


I haven’t felt depressed like that in a minute.

It caught me off guard but if I’m honest there were warning signs that I wasn’t really seeing because I was avoiding my emotions. Those warning signs are what I look like when I’m depressed. They creep in one by one.

In my opinion, depression sets in when fear takes hold and the ego starts running the show.

There’s nothing wrong with me. There’s nothing wrong with you.

Its about having the tools and the wherewithal to use them.

Are you depressed?
What does that look like for you?
What triggers your depression?
How do you get yourself out of it?

Much love,


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