Digital Wallpapers by Asha

I got a burst of inspiration a this week and created custom digital wallpapers of quotes by yours truly, Asha!

Visual art was my jam back in high school but lately its been bubbling up in unexpected ways so…. I wanted to share this outpouring with you.

The wallpaper above is my current background. There are free ones (like this one) and paid ones too. You can download wallpapers formatted for your phone and laptop. I’ll definitely be adding more in the future.

Click here to check them out!

In the past, I’ve used quote apps on my phone to put important messages or quotes that I need to be reminded of constantly. What I don’t like is that they’re visually boring and after I while I don’t “see” them anymore. I haven’t found any techniques that work well on laptops.

With this it’s so gorgeous I can’t help but look!

If there are any phrases or quotes from my work that you want in a wallpaper, I’m more than happy to create one for you personally. Email with what you want.

P. S. If you didn’t see my last article, I am offering a free journaling course to help you gain self-awareness. If there is anything that I want all everyone in my community to know, its how to journal effectively and with maximal results for each individual. If you’ve never picked up a journal or you do it religiously every day, you can get something valuable out of this course. Click here for the course!

Much Love,

Digital Wallpapers by Asha

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