From Fighting to Flowering

Yesterday, I experienced fulfillment that transcended anything I’ve ever experienced AND I know it will only increase from here.

I was my self. My vibrant, loving, giving, supportive self. I was myself and, as a result, people were attracted to me and wanted to engage with me in tarot.

I had the pleasure of guiding 4 men through their own first-time tarot readings and helping them open themselves up to their intuition so they could do the readings themselves.

Like wow!

I was smiling the entire time and I realized this is also how I serve: teaching and guiding people. It came so naturally.

I can feel my confidence building. I can see the possibilities solidifying into something tangible. I hear more clearly the voice guiding me.

Today, I participated in a estatic dance that elevated me and opened me up like none I’ve done before. It kept pushing me to let go and let go. It showed me how to feel the energy around me and control it.

I felt like a powerful blissful sorceress. My dance was not just a release, it was a gathering of energy and light. A slow building of energy that burst out of me.

I remembered how much I miss dance: going to a studio, performing, dressing the part. All of it. The long pause, the gradual budding, the ecstatic dance, has changed the way I look at dance. I don’t just want to entertain, I want to communicate and elevate.

The fighting, resisting, and looking for something outside myself to blame is done. My journey doesn’t have to be a long bloody war.

I trust now. The universe will support and love me and I continue to love myself and others.

Its really true!

It doesn’t always have to be a struggle to live, it can be a flowering too.

I can bloom and spread like the pollen of a lotus, learning through every being I touch and transforming with every consecutive bloom.

I am all things and nothing.

I embody all energies, all genders, and all possibilities with the grace and confidence of having accepted it all.

Everyday I say I’m happy. Everyday I’m nearly always smiling. I feel like a child, remembering what it feels like to just be and take it all in.

I experience way less spasms and energy flows more gently through my body without the blockages.

My food cravings are gone and I rarely think about eating until my body tells me too. It’s a huge weight off my mind and I am at peace trusting my body to communicate with me and trusting the universe to provide me with sustenance.

Everything is coming together nicely and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you to everyone this weekend who saw me and allowed me to see them.

From Fighting to Flowering

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