Full Moon 7 Chakra Tarot Spread

For this most recent full moon and the start of April, I did an energy center (chakra) tarot spread. Its as simple as it sounds. Simply pull a card for each of the 7 energy centers. Energy tarot/spiritual practice is unique. Before each reading I do a meditation (length doesn’t matter). For me, meditation calms the judgmental mind so that source can come through, allowing me to get a more accurate reading.

Above, I am sharing with you the spread that I did on 4/8/2020 and below, the corresponding mantra that I channeled for each.

  1. Root -The Devil

I am enough.

I am abundant.

I am Loved.

I am fearless.

This is my soul’s message to me.

  1. Sacral -Judgement Reversed

I open myself to be a vessel for creativity.

Whatever comes forth is of Love and God.

Judgement I receive is simply a message that I have touched another soul.

My transformations are simply the many-colored reflections of God.

The Love and Light of God satisfies my hunger like nothing else.

  1. Solar Plexus -2 of Pentacles Reversed

I am worthy.

Money does not define me or my life.

When the shackle of money is removed, I know what I want and who I am.

If money were not an issue, I would dive into ….

  1. Heart -7 of Pentacles

I plant seeds for loving friends.

I plant seeds for loving family.

I plant seeds for loving lovers.

I plant seeds for loving worlds.

I plant seeds for loving the pain.

I plant seeds for loving the grief.

I plant seeds that love for loves sake.

  1. Throat -Death Reversed

I am open to all communication.

I speak in Love and Light.

I no longer speak of my past.

I speak of past lives and past lessons to find meaning.

I speak to Love and heal my Earth family.

  1. Pineal -8 of Swords Reversed

I can see.

I am free.

All is open to me.

Truth and fears are cast in light and I am strong in their face.

I know what must be done.

In the field, my energy creates my reality.

I wield this power humbly and in service to all.

  1. Crown -9 of Cups

I open my heart to God.

I am perfect in every moment.

Bliss and serenity are available to me in every moment.

I am exactly where I should be.

I am doing exactly what I should be.

I surrender to divine order.

Thank you for reading. Please share with anyone you think would benefit from this and comment below!

Full Moon 7 Chakra Tarot Spread

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