Honesty & Vulnerability: I Need a Break From My Dog

Maya, my dog, is driving me crazy. It’s more like my inability to cope with her energy and needs.

I’m on my period and I don’t think that’s helping things.

Basically I need a break.

I’m not happy. I don’t think she always is either.

I have tried to find ways to accommodate both her needs and my own and I often come up short, leaving us both frustrated.

If she were like a human friend, I’d have no issues taking a break from them but she’s not. She a dog that I took responsibility of and so I must do my best to ensure her safety and happiness.

On my own, I don’t feel I’m doing that and because of that I feel like a bad dog mom. I feel depressed. Until recently, I felt trapped.

I talked to my ex who raised Maya with me and he said he will take her for a while and I can’t you how much relief I felt.


As many of you know, I am on a journey of self-discovery and rebirth. A seemingly endless journey at this point. And something that I’ve learned about myself is that I need a substantial amount of alone time to feel like myself and that includes time away from pets. When I’m with Maya, I never feel alone. I struggle to relax. I’m constantly thinking about what she needs or if she’s ok.

I think that if certain conditions existed then me and Maya would both be happier:
– large yard for her to play in
– another human for her to play with
– a home instead of being on the road constantly

That could very well be in the future but right now, that’s not our reality. I will work to create conditions where we can both thrive. And if I can’t, me and my ex will talk about rehoming options. Its hard to say that but its important to be honest and humble. If we aren’t the best people to care for her, and someone else is, why deny her that out of pride or guilt?

Don’t worry.

We’re not at that point yet. I feel that having some help with caring for her and some time off will be really good for me and Maya will get to see her dog dad.

Do y’all have pet struggles?
Anyone ever rehome a pet?
Are you a single pet parent or do you have help?
Are you a traveling pet parent like me?
How do you create space for yourself with a pet around?

Much love,

Honesty & Vulnerability: I Need a Break From My Dog

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