I saw “Million” this on a license plate of a car I was driving behind. I just so happen to be test-driving a Tesla that evening. 

I got so excited.

That was an affirmation of my point of attraction.

I know that I have millions in vibrational escrow.

We all do.

Today, a talk by Abraham-Hicks about winning the lottery popped up on my YouTube feed.

There’s another sign.

Not as exciting as the license plate and that’s because I’ve seen those a bunch.

It got me thinking.

This question popped into my head…

“If I had millions of dollars in my bank account, how would my life day-to-day change and stay the same?”

So I started writing out a list of things.

My current day-to-day list isn’t long.

My list of new things I would do, wasn’t that much longer, and included a few things that would be considered weekly/monthly occurrences.

Day-to-day, I’d be doing about what I’m doing whether I make what I’m making now or have millions.

Then I wrote this,

“There is no reason that I can’t do these things now.”

For most of us that is the absolute truth.

We all find the resources to be able to fulfill the desires to do what we are currently doing every day. Whether its going to get a fancy coffee in the morning or a pack of beer every night; or taking up a new hobby or job.

There is no such thing as the future because the future is created right now. 

What happens in the future is determined by what you feel and think right this very moment.

So if you keep doing the same things, that’s what you’ll keep doing.

You don’t have to.

You can make a easy and simple choice to allow in more of your desires.

Just by doing that, even by saying “There’s time and money enough for me to do xyz,” the time and the money will come. 

It must.

It can be hard to see and feel that from your current perspective but the great this is, is that perspectives can change!

You can change your perspective.

You can stop resisting and holding off what you want until you “get rich” or whatever and just say “f*ck it, I’m going to live my life to the fullest now.”

That’s what I did last year when I quit my job, left my apartment, and started traveling.

And now, a little over a year later, I’ve living the life way cooler and relaxing than I even knew was possible for me back then.

And now, I can feel the same sort of shift happening except this time, I know what’s coming. I can feel it and see it. The difference is, I don’t know the timeline or the exact details.

I’m okay with that. 

Just knowing that its already done is enough.

Just knowing that I can enjoy my life now and by doing that, everything else just falls into place is just a huge relief.

Knowing that its not a possibility but the reality, because I’ve experienced it more times than I can count, is reassuring.

So, what does the rich, confident, attractive, and happy you do everyday? And when are you going to start living that way too?