I Miss Dance

For those of you who don’t follow my other ig, @the.pure.pressure or who haven’t known me for long, dance was and still is a transformative force and creative outlet for me.

Businesses being closed has also meant I can’t go to in-person classes and its affected me more than I initially thought.

My entry into dance was first pole dancing, then go-go dancing, then burlesque.

Now, I’m feeling like those forms will still have a place but that my dance will look a lot different than before. It remains to be seen.

I dive a bit more into my feelings in this post.

******** REPOST:

I miss dance.

For those of you who don’t follow my main account @asha.oya, I became nomadic back in May and have been traveling the U.S. since.

It’s been an transformative and healing experience. I’ve talked about it quite extensively on my other Instagram if you’re interested in that.

Since hitting the road, I’ve only danced a handful of times. Mostly at private events with friends. Mostly ecstatic dance.

If you’ve never done ecstatic dance, I’d describe it as dance therapy. You’re dancing alone, in whatever way your body wants to move, making whatever sounds your mouth wants to make. And everyone else around you is doing the same.

There was one particular session I participated in in Austin and I walked out of it a new person. I had moved in ways I never have. I felt myself manipulating and moving energy. I felt divine and in ecstacy.

That feeling is what I want to bring into all of my dance. The divine woman. The goddess.

Not dancing to get attention or prove something.

Dancing because that’s what I do and that feminine energy inside of me wants to express itself this way.

Not having a homebase means I don’t have a convenient way to practice. Campsites don’t really do it for me. So I can’t wait until dance studios open for in-person lessons!

I’m traveling the southwestern side of the country, so if your studio opens lmk cause I’d love to try to make it there!

Much love,

I Miss Dance

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