I’m Kitchen-Sick!

I love food!

I’ll eat almost anything.

Something that I miss being nomadic is having a kitchen to work with.

I definitely have a list of dishes I can’t wait to make once I find a homebase: bourbon bread pudding, fried chicken, homemade cured salmon, just to name a few.

Just cause I don’t have a kitchen doesn’t mean I don’t eat good.

When I’m camping and can whip out my propane burner, I can do some damage.

Those who’ve eaten my food would probably say my curry is the best.

I didn’t get a photo of it unfortunately but here’s another meal: quinoa and pinto beans.

I didn’t realize I’d miss cooking as much as I do. I don’t travel in a van or big vehicle so i can’t really crank a burner inside.

I can’t wait to have friends and family over to share a home cooked meal in my own kitchen.

One day soon…

What do you miss about having a homebase?
How do you bring some of your home life on the road?
And what’s your favorite thing to chow down on around the campfire?

Much love,

I’m Kitchen-Sick!

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