Is Your Safety Net Limiting You?

“When we continually live our life with a safety net, it creates a barrier to our freedom.” -Madison Taylor

Yesterday, I woke up at 4 am and after taking care of myself, I checked my email and found one from DailyOM on 4/7/2020 titled “Without a Net.”

I read this article by Madison Taylor and found that it perfectly describes my journey.

I’ve lived with nets for majority of my adult life because I grew up with few nets and developed a fear of financial instability.

My nets are a full-time job, apartment paid ahead, and a savings account. I felt trapped by my full-time job because it offered so many benefits that I couldn’t get elsewhere at the time that it seems stupid to leave, so I didn’t for 5 years. My apartment being paid ahead (and a 1-year lease) made it more challenging to entertain moving and so I didn’t. My savings account was non-existent for most of my adult life so I felt obligated to create an emergency fund before I could leave my job or apartment behind.

Logically this all makes sense, but I was so unhappy and would constantly tell friends or family that I feel trapped. All of these “securities” were giving me a false sense of safety and sameness. Nothing ever stays the same. That’s what I learned. My job changed, my rent changed, my account balanced changed due to emergency needs.

I realized that if I was going to be free of this, I had to take the leap sooner rather than later because there is always something that comes up. Without the safety net, I will learn to be better at solving problems, asking for help, being resilient, and staying positive.

The link to the DailyOM article is here.

What are your safety nets? Do you feel that they create a barrier to your freedom?

Is Your Safety Net Limiting You?

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