My good friend asked me what my vision is for 2022. My answer was


POWER is something that I feel in a way I never have before. It has taken me through doubt and darkness so that I could desire it and claim it. Now, I wear it like a giddy schoolgirl but soon I shall wear it like skin.

POWER is knowingly taking responsibility for my thoughts and emotions and the effects they have. I, alone, am responsible for my point of attraction. I, alone, am responsible for what happens to me. I am the rule-maker of my life. I am the sole decision-maker. Source/God is the only one who has authority over me and is the only one I seek Truth from.

POWER is informing not reacting. I understand that most people speak from their past and talk so as to validate their beliefs. I speak from my Truth, which is not time-bound. I speak when I please which is not dependent on who’s speaking to me. I speak what I please, not what someone else wants me to speak. I speak what is happening. I speak into being. I inform. I command. People respond to me, not the other way around.

POWER is being uncompromising. I understand that sometimes things aren’t supposed to work out. I understand that interests won’t always be aligned. I understand that the letting go of one thing has birthed something better. I am not afraid of loss. I embrace growth and betterment. I am uncompromising of my alignment, my freedom, my peace, and my worth. Take it or leave it.

POWER is unattachment. It’s a belief in God so strong that no matter what changes, I know it’s for me and I let it be. Its loving what is even as I watch it leave. Its loving what is coming even when I can’t touch it yet. Its understanding and loving that everything comes and goes and nothing is permanent.

POWER is authenticity. Its being me all the time. Unapologetically. Its not playing games or tip-toeing around. It’s getting straight to it. Its not placating to other’s emotions. I am not for everyone. I am for who I am for. If we resonate, great. If not, cool. No hard feelings. No attachment. It’s telling you how I feel instead of hoping you read my mind. Its being the first to let down my guard. Its letting spirit fill me so completely that in a moment I may look a fool but it doesn’t matter because I am so blindingly me! Its not explaining myself, proving myself, or justifying myself to anyone. I accept me so completely that I don’t care if no one else does. Because of that, so many do.

POWER is walking into the unknown. Its devoting myself to my Source so completely, trusting in God so whole-heartedly, that I will listen and follow that guidance wherever it takes me…even when I can’t see the destination. It’s knowing that whatever is next is better than repeating what was. It’s being willing to walk alone than standstill with the masses. It’s knowing the power of God, the Universe, the Energy that surrounds and makes us up and co-creating with it. My actions are paltry in comparison to what God can do. Power respects Power. I let the God in me Guide me.

This is my POWER manifesto, my POWER ethos. I will read this every morning for the next 30 days. If this resonates with you, join me and read it daily. Let these words become you and em-Power yourself.

I truly desire to hear how this ethos effects you, changes you, and nourishes you. Share with me below.

Thanks for listening,