I met with a older woman and her 4 year old granddaughter to sell her some things. The granddaughter had a heart-shaped face and must’ve been a fairy. She was dancing and wiggling and incessantly talking. I joined her and her grandmother just stood and watched.

Then the little girl said, where’s your baby and touched my stomach.

I was a little surprised but not offended in the least. I told her I didn’t have one.

She proceeded to ask if it was at the hospital.

I told her no. Her grandmother looked a little embarrassed.

I reassured her my feelings weren’t hurt. Then I told her I will have a baby but not anytime soon. The little girl kept talking about my babies.

I began to think about it as I danced with the child… could she see my children? Are there souls with me right now? Could she sense something in my energy that I couldn’t? Or not?

This whole interaction which occurred about 5 minutes ago, in addition to the insightful @ffs live earlier today, has me thinking about my future family. I know what being with them feels like, I just don’t have the details.

And I don’t want them…

It’ll ruin the surprise.

Much love,


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