Tell me

do you like

my hair

my lips

my hips

the way they


what about

my eyes

big brown pools

big enough to hold your


or my fingers




follow me

feathers in your hand

butter in mine

but listen

this mouth

holds teeth

that pinch and scrape

and a tonge

that bends more than air

my ribs

support a big chest

with a heart

and a breath

the pelvis

serves all of me

the center of it all

it hinges open like a clam shell

and is just as stubborn

rub my achy knees

broken a million times

they never crumble

elevating me to my highest

and reducing me to a sloppy heap

no one appreciates

these knobby

crackling feet

defective as they may bee

they are the best I will ever be

so when you slip the shoe


or off

don’t rush

and you may experience

all of me.


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