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About a week ago, I programmed my friend’s pendulum. That means, I asked for a yes and no and it showed me. My yes was counterclockwise and my no was clockwise. That was the same when I acquired my own pendulum about a week ago. I had also tested my hand chakras and they were not in balance.

Last night, I tested my hand chakras because I’ve been experiencing hand pain like I was back in May: tingling, pressure, mostly dull but sometimes sharp pain with no logical reason. This started after I began Reiki training a week ago as well. Well, last night I tested my hands and they were out of balance. I also was told that its because of reiki and taking a break from all hand use would help my hands.

Interesting right?!

Well, something I also realized is that my feet conduct WAY more energy than my hands and I want to explore reiki and healing with my feet. My reiki instructor said that she could feel resistance from my feet!

Ok ok back to the hands, this morning, I went to my pendulum with a question and it gave an unexpected response which led me to check my yes and no again…..and it had reversed. I asked if my hand chakras were in balance and they were. What I didn’t know was why. It says that the reversal was due to something I did but not reiki or praying. It said my spirit guide healed my hand chakras while I slept which caused my yes and no to reverse.

Granted I still have some hand pain but so far, less than yesterday. I’ll still try to take it easy on them for a while.

Have you experienced your yes and no switching? If so, do you remember why it happened?
Anyone else got hand pain?

Pendulum Talk

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