I did an experimental reading for myself and asked my inner voice, my divine self, to show themselves to me so that I may know them more fully.

These are the cards that presented themselves to me.

Of course! The Creator and Guidance were the first to show up and that is so clear and known but important to remember.

The Queen of Chalices hits me real good. Water is the subconscious. Water holds information, the library. She is the master of that realm, of the deepest parts of me, and this universe.

The Page of Swords was surprising. What came up is Warrior Student. We are learning together. Through our relationship, which is just blooming, we learn more about ourselves and each other and this universe. I must be receptive and willing to act. She learns from the results. Throughout this student journey, we have faced and will continue to face opposition, false monsters, and challenges, and most of them will turn out to be harmless, although she already knew that. She will help me cut through the fears of the mind and deepen my intuition.

I followed my inner voice on a hunch today by doing these readings and they have been so fruitful.

I am working on developing tarot offerings for you all. I am strongly thinking I’ll include and inner voice reading in that. Would you be interested in that?


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