someone help


yeah you there

I’m sorry to bother


I don’t know who else to ask

and I thought that you seems like

a helpful sorta person

I hope I’m not wrong

God I hold I’m not wrong


I guess it’s too late now

I’ve already got your attention

so I was wondering if you could help me

with something

real important

at least I think so

well no

I know so

I left home some time ago to

you know

clear my head

and watch the city

and all of those lights

and then I found myself lost

and then I found myself here

and I don’t know why I told you all of this

you probably don’t care

but I can’t just wander around at night

dressed like this

I just didn’t plan to be

gone so long

and I feel like I’ve

been here before

like you’re always here

like you belong here

I need to sit down and

steady myself

I don’t fee like myself

and I feel like I’m making a fool of myself

I’m sorry for bothering you

you’re so kind and

I think I need to go home now

wherever that is

I’ll find it

and then I’ll be okay

and I’ll remember you

how you helped me

how you listened to me

how you looked at me with

such soft eyes

thank you

and maybe I’ll see you around


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