Psychedelics: Letter from the Red, Orange, Yellow (energy center)

I thought about whether I should share something soooo personal and vulnerable and taboo (to some) and I those about others out there like me having similar experiences but no one to relate to. So here we go!

A few days ago, I took mushrooms. Before I take any psychedelic, I always set an intention (what I want to get out of it). What I’ve come to learn is that psychedelics are my teachers and they rarely want to party 🤓.

These were my intentions:

My intention is to unblock🌋 and balance ⚖ my red, orange🧡, and yellow💛 energy centers with the long-term intention of being of service to others💞.

Now it’s been at least a year since I took mushrooms but the first time was transformative so I was optimistic. Soon after consumption, I began to feel pulled into a deep meditation. I found a quiet place to lay down and meditate. The experience was much more earthy and grounding than LSD. The visuals were only really behind the eyes and when surrounded by darkness so an eye mask worked perfectly. During the meditation, I focused on sending light, love, and energy into my first 3 energy centers (chakras) mainly focusing on red.

The result was an outpouring of primal energy that I hadn’t felt in a long time, that I wasn’t acknowledging, that needed to be experienced. The most intuitive way was to write.

The letter below is from the red, orange, and yellow energy centers to me.

Have you had a similar experience? Do you set intentions?

Much love,

Psychedelics: Letter from the Red, Orange, Yellow (energy center)

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