Signs You Can’t Ignore: “The Monster I Created”

I woke up at 5 am today. I’d forgotten to turn my hiking alarm off from yesterday. I looked at my phone and no one has made any offers on the storage items I need to sell and I felt disappointed. I remembered a weird intense dream from last night and needed to write it down:

My ex and I were creating a creature and we had a checklist of characteristics that we needed to activate and had begun the process. The creature went rouge and started attacking the building we were in. It grew to the size of Godzilla. Maya (my dog) and I were trying to hide. We kept getting in the elevator and going to different floors to find a floor where the monster couldn’t see us. We found restroom and I hid in the shower stall. The monster eventually went right by us but didn’t see me. It sensed something and began feeling around with its hand in the water that was pooling right next to me. I think it was blind.

The feeling I got from this dream is that “the monster I created” destroyed all the material possessions and sought to destroy me but couldn’t even see me. That monster holds my past, all of the worst things about me, and I can look at it and it can’t hurt me. I felt like I was in danger so I ran but I was completely safe and it destroyed the world (physical things) around me that I didn’t need. It served its purpose, razing the Earth like a wildfire to make room for new energy and new life. And it spared me through divine intervention.

At 5:08 am, coyotes began to sing and yip and the neighborhood dogs joined in. I looked up coyote symbolism and I found:

  • Things have been too serious lately, lighten up
  • Stop worrying and let it go
  • Since you’ve asked for help, get out of your own way and allow spirit guides to help
  • Do something that gives you pleasure and joy
  • Focus on the positive
  • Significant changes are needed to restore balance to your life and you need to adapt to that
  • Let go of loyalties to others as you’ve outgrown them and their energies no longer relate to yours

I felt called to watch the sunrise but I wanted to meditate first. For 15 minutes, I meditated but my mind wouldn’t stop racing, so I got up, got dressed, and moseyed out to the street. I walked a short ways and found what I thought was an alleyway, but was covered in trampled grass and cacti. I turned there, walked, and stood, waiting, watching. After a while, I looked at my phone and the time was 5:55 am. I looked up 555 and found:

  • Guides are helping you transition for a change to come
  • Don’t worry about small insignificant things like money
  • The change involves liberation and soul rebirth
  • You need to leave your comfort zone and open yourself up to change
  • You embrace new challenges for personal growth
  • What you are learning now will be very important in the future
  • You are preparing for some great task coming in the future
  • Be spontaneous sometimes, and laugh
  • Over come old worries and fears
  • Center yourself. Negative thoughts just stop you from reaching your potential. You don’t need them so don’t let yourself have them.
  • Call on spirit guides to cleanse your aura because you are picking up energy without realizing it
  • Keep yourself spiritually and physically clean
  • You’re on the verge of health, abundance, and love on a level you’ve never experienced
  • Embrace new. Cast away old. Affirmations help.

When I look at the signs and symbols all together, the dream, the coyotes, 555, the messages are in alignment and resoundingly clear. What I take away from this is:

  • I call in growth through challenge and trial rather than ease. This is not the way it needs to be but how I feel that growth must occur in my life. This change could have been much easier if not for the conditioning, “You don’t get anywhere without hard work. What you want isn’t just going to fall into your lap.”
  • My storage unit is a trial and I move to success by letting go of it without a fight, letting go of worrying about the money, letting go of my own expectations of how much money I should get for it, letting go of attachment to the items in it.
  • The storage unit feels ginormous, like Godzilla, but its harmless. I am giving it size and power over me when it has none.
  • The biggest change coming in the change in my mindset around money and material things. Money isn’t worth the time, energy, or negative effect on my health. I learned this already when I quit my job in March. Things come into and out of life constantly now yet I fought against letting this bigger thing (storage unit) go. If I let this go, something so much bigger can come in and that’s an exciting thought.
  • This transitional period has opened me up energetically which is why I have been absorbing people’s energy more lately. Its imperative that I regularly call on my guides to help cleanse my aura. It is also important that I keep my physical body strong so it can protect itself (working out, eating right, no alcohol).
  • I can enjoy myself through this change and that’ll make it easier.

Understanding what the messages are, I can now form a plan for integration and take steps to move myself through this change with positive and progressive energy.

3D plan:
  1. Make a Facebook event open to the public telling people to take whatever items they want from my storage for no change. Donations are appreciated but not required.
  2. Contact my friend with a pickup truck and give him the washer and mattress if no one takes them.
  3. Take the few items I am keeping and put them in my car.
  4. Cancel the auto-pay on the storage unit and leave Tucson.
Spiritual Plan:
  • Meditate every morning, visualizing an empty storage unit and a feeling of supreme joy, then calling in my guides to cleanse me and protect me.
  • Journal every morning, writing until my mind is clear.
  • Go swimming in the gym’s pool.
  • Talk to at least 1 friend every day.
  • Watch something funny at least 1x/day.

I am excited. I finally feel as if I understand on a spiritual level why I’m going through this process. I knew intellectually that I needed to sell my storage unit because I don’t plan on using these things and I couldn’t afford to pay the bill on it. But what was the why behind that? I have too many physical items and its weighing me down from traveling outside of the country. Can I go deeper than that? God is training and preparing me for a life of service and to be able to serve fully, its important that I learn to trust and let go…with a smile.

In just writing this, I have a feeling that another test will come where I will be asked to give up something major and do it without fear…maybe my car?!

Much love,


Signs You Can’t Ignore: “The Monster I Created”

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