I haven’t utilized tapping in over a year. It was something I used back when I was at my lowest and experiencing crippling depression. It helped. It opened my mind  to alternative healing. Today, I needed some healing. My root chakra was triggered by realizing I’m in a city that doesn’t support my nomadic lifestyle. […]

Asha Oya is on YouTube!

I thought about whether I should share something soooo personal and vulnerable and taboo (to some) and I those about others out there like me having similar experiences but no one to relate to. So here we go!

Full Moon 7 Chakra Tarot Spread

For this most recent full moon and the start of April, I did an energy center (chakra) tarot spread. Its as simple as it sounds. Simply pull a card for each of the 7 energy centers. Energy tarot/spiritual practice is unique. Before each reading I do a meditation (length doesn’t matter). For me, meditation calms the judgmental mind so that source can come through, allowing me to get a more accurate reading.

Meditations: 4/2/2020

Today’s meditations were really profound and encouraging. Its difficult to put into words what I felt and have its significance conveyed. It has been progressively easier to reach a deep state of meditation and have these profound moments. They make my day and I’m so grateful that I have the time to meditate 3 hours […]

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