3 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Finances

Healthy Money Management isn’t something I learned about in school, or from my parents, or from a mentor. Before I knew it, I was 25 with over 10k in credit card debt, student loans, and no idea how to budget. It took trial and error for me to get rid of all of that debt […]


I haven’t utilized tapping in over a year. It was something I used back when I was at my lowest and experiencing crippling depression. It helped. It opened my mind  to alternative healing. Today, I needed some healing. My root chakra was triggered by realizing I’m in a city that doesn’t support my nomadic lifestyle. […]

Energetic Exchange

That’s what comes to mind when I read the lyrics to “WAP” by Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion. What I love about this song is that it’s so fun! For folks who love sex, sensuality, and even bdsm, this song is a playground of visuals, sounds, and sensations. Now sex is not the same […]


I’ve been feeling depressed for about 2 weeks. ●Why am I depressed? Self-generated lack of clarityLack of control over fear-slanging ego who says I am not enough and don’t have enough ●What does being depressed look like (for me)?Avoiding emotions through foodOversized portions + comfort foodNot talking to people (hermit mode)Not taking care of personal […]

9-to-5 Mantra

I am strong. I can do hard things. Work is my angel investor. Work is funding my new life. I didn’t get into this situation overnight, So I cannot get out of it overnight. I can make it to the end because I know that its worth it. Lately, I’ve been struggling to make it […]

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