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9 Steps to Learn Tarot in Your Sleep

For all the tarot booklets, encyclopedias, and websites, I still found myself staring blanking at the 10 of Wands…What does it mean? I looked at the card and felt “something” but couldn’t put it to words. Learning tarot is a continual process, no matter how “good” you get. If you are a beginner, learning all […]

Why You Keep Pulling the Same Tarot Card & How to Make it Stop

If you do tarot long enough, you’ve inevitably reached the point where the same card keeps popping up again and again. The first time it happens, you think, “Maybe it was just a coincidence.” The next couple times you think, “My deck is communicating with me!” and its awesome. The 10th time you think, “Why […]


Thank you so much to every single person who completed the survey I sent out last month! Your feedback and opinions were invaluable in helping me understand your needs and direct my services. Time flies though! Since I sent that survey out, my spiritual gifts have continued to grow and spirit has guided me to […]

Unfinished Business

The last time I was in Tucson, it was April 30th. I had spent all day moving things out of my apartment and into storage. I was exhausted and ready to be done with my old life. Everything was over: my job, the apartment, the waiting. Everything except one…storage. Thats why I’m heading back. That […]

Assisted Tarot Readings

These are honestly my FAVORITE readings to do! Why? Because I get to TEACH on top of giving a reading AND you walk away feeling like a bad*ss tarot reader who can do it on their own During these readings, we use your own deck or one of mine and I guide you through a […]

Asha talks: How I Pull Cards

This was inspired by a question from a friend. I don’t pull cards the same way all the time. Its very intuitive and changes often. I go into the specifics of my process in the recording below.

New Services!

I have been cultivating these gifts for a long time and am happy to offer Tarot and Pendulum services now! I have received such loving and overwhelmingly positive feedback about my readings over the years and I want to offer this to everyone.

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