Nick Nimmin, a successful YouTuber with over 830K subscribers, offers strategies to increase your YouTube views, or get YouTube views if your channel is new or just not getting traction. These strategies are great for the hobby YouTuber as well as for businesses looking to get organic traffic to their channel as well as their website.

1. Twitter

Nick advises to first setup a twitter account if you don’t already have one, put the link to your channel in your bio, create a relevant bio, and post EVERY DAY. Yup! Every single day.

Next, let your viewers know that you have a twitter account.

Finally, pick the best video you’ve uploaded, with the most views, and pin it to the top of your Twitter feed. Nick states this all sets the foundation for the other tips that he provides later in the video.

2. Follow Everyone That You Like in Your Space on Twitter

Nick’s Twitter is @nicknimmin and mine is @ashaoyaofficial. Now, follow everyone else in your industry or segment that is doing the best and that you like. The point of this is outlined in the next step.

3. Be a part of the conversation

Start the conversations. Reply to the people in your space. Show your interest, personality, and expertise. Be fun. Be clever (if that’s your style). Nick says that this is how you get pique curiosity and get people clicking on your handle. Those people will then begin to click on your bio link and discover your YouTube channel. Eventually, they become an engaged subscriber of your channel…right?

4. Pinterest

I was caught off guard by this one too. I have a Pinterest account but at first I wasn’t sure where Nick was going with this. I don’t do clothing hauls or make pottery so what would I be posting? Nick goes on to explain,

“Pinterest may or may not be a great fit for the content that you make but I can tell you this…Google is a great fit for the type of content that you make. Pinterest posts show up in Google. They show up in Yahoo and other textual search engines as well.”

Nick advises to create a Pinterest account and pin every single video that you publish, making sure to optimize the tile and description of your pin. The goal is to get your pins to show up in Google searches.

Now I haven’t applied this to my business but I was an obsessive online window shopper in college and ended up accidentally having over 100k monthly views on my Pinterest profile. Um…excuse me!? Yes, that is correct. My obsession with categorizing my materialistic cravings at the time actually resulted in drawing hundreds of thousands of eyes. If that’s possible with as little effort and intention as I was putting in, its definitely possible if you have a strategy and are providing quality content.

5. Reddit

Create an account under your YouTube channel name (or super close to it). If you can’t find @sarahcooksdaily then go with @sarahcooksdaily1.

For those with the time or a virtual assistant (I got you for that over at You’re welcome), Nick suggests creating subreddit and growing it…as a bonus. He says the video isn’t about that specifically, so he doesn’t go into that, so I will.

I see the potential of really growing your authority and channel by having an active subreddit that people go to as a resource with you as the creator. If you’re under over 35, you might not understand what Reddit is or why its worth it. Well if you look at the fact that in 2021, Reddit users averages 21 billion screen views per month, its well worth it to consider investing time in building a community that could results in (at least) hundreds of thousands of views. Just saying.

What Nick actually advises is (after completing your profile) creating a post stating that you have a YouTube channel, including the link, and reminding them to open the post to get the link. If you don’t know what to say, Nick says to say this,

🗣 I’m a content creator. Click this post to visit my YouTube channel

Simple and straight-to-the-point.

As you interact in the conversation on Reddit, people will click on your name and go to your profile, and end up on your YouTube channel.

6. Medium or WordPress

Nick says this step takes the most time and effort but is creating seeds for the future. Create a blog and post articles about every video that you publish. This goal is to leverage textual search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Nick thought you might skip this step so he throws in that “over 190 million people interact with Medium over the course of a month.” No biggie.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you want to watch the original video, its down below. Tell me, do you currently use any of these strategies and if so, what has been your result? What did Nick miss? Wild successes? I want to hear about them!