Power is something that most people don’t understand but if they truly did, it would improve their lives in miraculous ways.

Let’s look at Webster’s definitions of Power,

: ability to act or produce an effect

: possession of control, authority, or influence over others

: mental or moral efficacy

: physical might

: political control or influence

: an order of angels

: a source or means of supplying energy

: to move with great speed or force

: to move about by means of motive power

These definitions are very clear. Power is action, control, & energy coming from within and radiating (influencing) to what is without.

Yet, if you just Google the word Power, the first result is a TV series called “Power” about crime, drugs, and vengeance. This is what most people associate with power






Mal intent

Power is neutral. It is a state of being through which anyone can flow their intentions, thoughts, and emotions. Power embodied by folks such as Oprah, Buddha, Christ, and others magnifies their positive intent to benefit themselves and the world. Power embodied by folks such as Hitler or Saddam magnifies their negative intent to bring harm.

Power is not something that can be taken or granted. It is something that is felt within. When you feel the power within you, you move about with great speed and force. Your intentions manifest quickly. Energy organizes itself to manifest your intent. 

When your intent is aligned with your Source/God/Inner Being, your Power is limitless. Notice that those with generally mal intent, though they may have power, their intentions are thwarted, they face many obstacles, and they usually suffer many calamities. Why? You attract what you put out (due to the Law of Attraction). 

Those with positive intent also face obstacles at times but these allow the person to grow and become more powerful and developed. They experience seeming miracles as the path is cleared for them. Usually the only thing that holds them back is their own doubt, or limiting thoughts. When they are able to realize their worthiness, their power, and what their Source/God/Inner Being knows, their power to manifest their positive intentions is really something to behold.

What we give our attention to, our energy to, is what we give power to. We all have power. Are you giving that power to things that serve, uplift, and benefit? Or are you giving that power to things that harm, diminish, or denegrate?

Power is energy. It can hold a negative charge or a positive charge or a neutral charge. Right now, I want you to contemplate the following areas of your life and write down if they have a negative, positive, or neutral charge:

    • Career or job
    • Romantic relationship
    • Friendships
    • Familial relationships
    • Bodily health
    • Spiritual & Mental health
    • Your passions and hobbies

This is what you do now. Give less attention or Power to the ones with negative charges and more to the ones with positive charges. By nature of the Law of Attraction, the negative charges will weaken when less energy is flowed to them and the positive ones will become stronger when more energy is flowed to them. When the charge that was once negative reaches a point of neutrality, you will be open to naturally positive thoughts related to those areas of your life. As long as you only give positive energy to them, they will continue to improve.

This is another way of applying the Law of Attraction through the lens of Power.

Give it a try. I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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