I haven’t utilized tapping in over a year. It was something I used back when I was at my lowest and experiencing crippling depression. It helped. It opened my mind  to alternative healing.

Today, I needed some healing. My root chakra was triggered by realizing I’m in a city that doesn’t support my nomadic lifestyle. As I am working hard to sell my possessions in storage, I realize today that the nearest campsite is over an hour away from the city. You might ask why don’t I get a hotel room and I’d say because I’m living off a credit card and that’s financially irresponsible.

So I cried and then I randomly started tapping. I tapped my forehead and left palm. I repeated some affirmations. Less than 5 minutes.

The edge was gone. I could breathe. I am safe. I have what I need right now.

Root chakra work has been continuous for me. I was programmed that money, shelter, and safety were not a given. I had a breakthrough in this healing in March when I quit my job, in May when I started traveling, and in July. I haven’t experienced any triggers and thought I was past it until now. Today.

And thats okay. I have so many tools in my toolbox, guides to support me, and friends to hold space for me. I am so much more equipped to handle this emotional bump in the road than I was even a few months ago.

Removing blocks and changing conditioning requires AWARENESS. It took many years of experiencing the same pattern over and over to recognize it for what it was: a story not fact.

Removing blocks and changing conditioning requires RELEASE. Crying, yelling, jumping, talking, singing. The fear energy needs to be moved from inside of your body, where it was triggered, to outside. Holding it in, holds back healing.

Removing blocks and changing conditioning requires RE-PROGRAMMING. What do I want the story to be? The belief to be? The mindset to be? What is really true in this moment and not a story of the past? For me its: The amount of debt that I have does not define me or my safety. The world is not out looking for me and what I’m doing wrong. I am safe. I have what I need. My guides and the universe is, in this very moment, working to help me on my path. This moment is an opportunity to learn and grow. True Growth is achieved through mistakes not success. By healing myself in this moment, I have healed my clients, my family and friends, and this world.

Much love,


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