The other day I was talking to my friend Ebony about dreams. She had lots of questions and it channeled from me all of my knowledge about how dreams work and some especially wild dreams of my own. 

This conversation birthed a powerful & exciting realization about dreams and the law of attraction that was new to me yet I felt I had known all along. Keep reading and I’ll share it with you!

Dreams are a reflection of our point of vibration. Dreams are a reflection of us. Dreams are our interpretation of the vibration of our consciousness re-emerging back into our our physical bodies upon waking. 

Dreams are what instant manifestation look like.

Let me repeat. Dreams are what instant manifestation look like.

Everyone wishes they could just snap their fingers and manifest whatever they want. In a dream, you do. When you are dreaming, you have merged completely with your Source into non-physical where there is no-resistance, no time buffer between your thoughts and emotions and manifestation. So when you think about something in a dream, it shows up instantly. 

When you begin to feel scared, something scary shows up instantly.

When you feel deeply in love, more love than you knew was possible is showered upon you.

When you want to wake up, its because you are already on your way back into your body.

I’ve had so much fun thinking about this because some coaches out there talk about how to manifest instantly. I understand they are using that clickbait to get people to pay attention. They also might have figured something out that I don’t already know about. In my experience, they are not talking about instant manifestation. We live in a time-based reality for a reason. When we think we want something, time gives us a buffer to decide if that’s really what we want before it just shows up. Its like that loading icon after you order Uber Eats, giving you time to cancel before its headed to your door. 

If we truly lived in a reality where there was instant manifestation, as Abraham-Hicks says, we’d be spending more time cleaning up our manifestations than enjoying them.

Dreams are a great place to play around & decide what you want in your physical life. Trying to decide whether to stay in your current city or move across the country? Dream about it. Play it out and live through, potentially, years of life in both realities. Trying to find a solution to a work problem? Dream about it. You might be surprised what realizations you come to.

Dreams are tools that allow us to progress in our waking life. When we dream or imagine or meditate, our mind and body does not know the difference between that state and being awake. The benefit of that is that we can make positive changes to ourselves in these states and they will be reflected in our physical reality. 

There’s no better life hack than that!

Share with me your experience with dreams! I’d love to hear what you think!

Much love,