They Lied to You About POWER

Power is something that most people don’t understand but if they truly did, it would improve their lives in miraculous ways. Let’s look at Webster’s definitions of Power, : ability to act or produce an effect : possession of control, authority, or influence over others : mental or moral efficacy : physical might : political […]

My Power Ethos for 2022

My good friend asked me what my vision is for 2022. My answer was POWER POWER is something that I feel in a way I never have before. It has taken me through doubt and darkness so that I could desire it and claim it. Now, I wear it like a giddy schoolgirl but soon […]

When’s the Last Time You Had a Great Day?

Today was an amazing day for 4 reasons! I was woken up at dawn for first monsoon of the year in Arizona. I went back to sleep and slept in, waking up later truly refreshed. I ate the most delicious meals, even going to a new restaurant spontaneously. Lastly, I took all pressure off of […]

It’s Resonating Podcast is Going LIVE

We’re Going LIVE!! Tomorrow night at 5 pm PST, Asha (that’s me) will be joined by Jason Romanowski. We’re streaming live from to Facebook, so if you’re not following me on my Facebook page, get on that ish! Jason is a health and life coach, digital nomad, and sometimes I forget how much he […]

How to Have the Mindset of a Millionaire

I saw “Million” this on a license plate of a car I was driving behind. I just so happen to be test-driving a Tesla that evening.  I got so excited. That was an affirmation of my point of attraction. I know that I have millions in vibrational escrow. We all do. Today, a talk by […]

Nothing’s a Coincidence When You Understand the Energy

Everyone welcome Brian Carter* to the mastermind! When I was inspired to keep the doors to the mastermind open another week, until July 8th, I didn’t know who this was for.  I didn’t know who else would join us. I didn’t know how many. I didn’t know if I new them already or if they […]

What is Negative Emotion & How to Close the Gap

In my program, Law of Attraction Summer Mastermind, I guide you through a process that trains you to focus your emotions and thoughts to get into that place of allowing & manifest your dreams. The program helps you adjust your focus onto what you want, where you are going, and who you are becoming. Join […]

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