A Radical Approach to Resolutions

As you make your resolutions, goals, intentions, or wishes for this year, consider a more personal and humble approach:

“Keep your resolutions for this year to yourself. See them as clouds in the sky instead of words on paper. We have no control over the shape or direction of clouds but we can state what we see and claim them.”

Most resolutions are made from a place of not feeling good enough. Then we compound that by telling everyone what our resolution is because we feel we have something to prove to others. Most people don’t realize that life can’t run on willpower. We don’t keep promises to ourselves not because we’re weak but because we’re not designed to.

Take the pressure off and just breathe. Put the intention out there then do what feels natural. There is no need to try to become a different person overnight. That will fail. Be in love with who you are now. When you love yourself, you become your best self.

Happy New Years!


A Radical Approach to Resolutions

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