Are You Starving Yourself?

So you’ve been pushing yourself all day right? Doing the things your mind tell you that you have to do when you don’t have the energy or motivation to do them and then… you see one of the thousands of lobs your higher self has been trying to send you all day. Maybe its not the best lob but its the one that’s closest to your burnout, fatigued, bored, overwhelmed vibration. Its donuts.

Yes. Donuts are great! Amazing! No one can disagree with this. But what happens when you’ve been depriving yourself of pleasure is that you over do it. You eat a half dozen or more donuts because your pleasure-starved. You think more donuts equals more pleasure but it doesn’t. Each pleasurable experience has its allotment of pleasure to give and the expectation is that you take it and continue the momentum to the next pleasurable moment.

Pleasure-starvation can lead to addictions because you’re so hungry for pleasure that you tend to lose control a bit with things that feel good and don’t know when enough is enough. You try to control your pleasures and only allow a few. Next thing you know, you’re drinking EVERY night with your dinner or getting a Starbucks vanilla frappe with extra flavor and syrup EVERY morning and…that might be too much.

On the flip side, pleasure-starvation can lead to depression. You deny yourself pleasure for so long that you don’t know what brings you pleasure. Nothing seems to do anymore. You may begin to think that its not possible for you to feel good or that you are not worthy of feeling good. You see others feeling good and it tears you up inside. You can’t be happy for other’s happiness because you’ve denied your happiness and think everyone should also deny their happiness. Boy, what a downer!

Okay okay, so what’s the solution? What do I do?

If you’re the addicted type, addicted to bon-bons lets say, branch out. Do other things that feel good. Enjoy the buffet of pleasure that’s available to you, being careful not to spend too much time with any one of them but moving on when the experience has been satisfied. We all know that feeling. You eat one delicious, sensational warm bite with loads of amazing texture and your taste buds explode and its the most amazing thing ever. The next time, not as good. Still bomb but less than the first time. Yeah, the experience has been satisfied. Move on.

If you’re the depressed type, my heart goes out to you. What you need to do is anything other than what you’re doing. If you have friends, ask them to invite you to do everything that they do: parties, workout, dinner, brunch on weekends, golf practice, clothes shopping, walking at the park, ANYTHING. You need a pattern interrupt. You need to feel something other than down. The more you do which allows you to feel, you will remember what it means feel again. Your experience will be so much better than the addict’s because you’ve been down so long. You will feel catharsis. You will feel the beautiful, juicy, tearful contrast of low vs high. When you feel, revel in it. Soak it in. Languish in it. You deserve it. Your higher self set this all up for you. Thank them! And you know what? They’ve got more coming for you. The more you enjoy the pleasure the easier it is to see the pleasurable path that’s available to you. You’ll become a pleasure expert in time!

You can actually prevent all of this mess by just enjoying yourself every single moment of each and every day like you’re supposed to. Don’t starve yourself. A healthy fast is great but we know the difference between fasting and starvation. Yes we do.

You should be smiling so much and laughing so much and having such a blast and really feel a sense of purpose that you don’t even have time to stop and document it. You forget all together about taking photos to capture the moment because you’re on your 111th moment of that day. That’s what paparazzi’s there for. When you live an amazing life, other people want to watch!


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Are You Starving Yourself?

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