Balancing the Elements through Dreamwork

Yesterday, I ran a workshop on dreams and sleep and the Law of Attraction. I then attracted a dream last night that was loaded with symbolism and meaning. I am sharing this dream and interpretation as an example to my current and future clients.

#1 Tip for dream interpretation: follow the good feelings. doubt nothing. nothing is a coincidence.

My Dream:

Mom and I cooking oil popping and splashing on us, branding star shaped, scratch like raised marks on our chest and shoulders. Male and female police knock on our door and we welcome them in. Woman doesn’t help and raises heat and we cower on the floor screaming. Male turns it off and makes other food for us by boiling something in water. He is so sweet. I’m so grateful.

My Interpretation:

The fire (masculine) activated the anointing power of the oil. We were not aware of its intensity or its intention. When combined with the oil, it resulted in a popping/splashing of the oil to the point that it sprayed like water.

Water is the symbol of femininity and as a result of being sprayed with the oil, we received the mark of the estoile and cowered and screamed.  

The estoile has many meanings, the primary of which is a heavenly body. A six-pointed star with wavy rays, it can be placed on shields of mighty knights and usually forms part of emblems in a flag. Zoroastrian magi-priests believed that all human beings and their divinity to god originates from the Star Sirius. The 8-pointed start was the symbol of Inanna, Sumerian goddess of love fertility and warfare, and the symbol of Ishtar, Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of love sex and warfare.

When the police came, the female officer also didn’t not understand the fire and caused more spraying of oil. The male officer did and he turned off the fire. He called in the feminine in the form of water to prepare food, the whole process of that soothed me and my mother.

My mother is taking my current Law of Attraction workshop series. The series is focused on illuminating all of the self so as to focus on increasing and aligning to the true self (inner being). Lots of fire energy being called in. Through this process, we are increasing our awareness and we are realizing the divinity within us, although that process may feel painful or challenging. I feel that its painful when we are still very much in the “do, action” mindset (masculine) and less in the “be, flow” state of being. Its not always the feminine that calls us but the masculine that pushes us away. In the dream, the male officer turned our focus from the flame to the water, which was activated by the fire. The masculine took the action while me, the feminine, surrendered. That was the balance.

I am creating a coaching program with a female friend of mine and it focuses on the element and energy of fire. This dream is a sign post to incorporate the other elements, especially water, for balance.

I am going on a boat today to a spot where I can swim with dolphins. I am in Mexico where it is really hot during the day and this will be a much needed retreat.

I feel that what this is really speaking to me is the importance of balancing the feminine state of being with the masculine. Not just in respect to being vs doing but in my working with the elements in nature and in my own coaching practice.

When you are “doing the work” and feel overwhelmed, feel pressured, feel like you’re not doing enough fast enough, feel like you are not good enough, feel scared of the vast unknown or unseen forces, feel scared of what these knew understandings will change in your life……go to mother. Go to the water and be held. That is also God. That is also divinity. When you need relief from the fire, go to the water

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Balancing the Elements through Dreamwork

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