Personal Development

My Power Ethos for 2022

My good friend asked me what my vision is for 2022. My answer was POWER POWER is something that I feel in a way I never have before. It has taken me through doubt and darkness so that I could desire it and claim it. Now, I wear it like a giddy schoolgirl but soon […]

How to Have the Mindset of a Millionaire

I saw “Million” this on a license plate of a car I was driving behind. I just so happen to be test-driving a Tesla that evening.  I got so excited. That was an affirmation of my point of attraction. I know that I have millions in vibrational escrow. We all do. Today, a talk by […]


Have you ever had a knowing so deep that you couldn’t ignore it? You don’t know why and can’t explain the logic but you KNOW it to the core of your being? Yesterday, I felt that so viscerally and with such happiness that I had no doubt about it. It was a simple message from […]

This is Meant for You

My second group coaching mastermind starts in 2 hours! I can’t believe it. I mean…I can, its just that when I started this, I didn’t know that it would feel this easy, or natural. I had wanted to be a coach for so long prior to this but I stopped myself because of limiting beliefs […]

Use the Power of Color to Get Into a Place of Allowing

In my class, Law of Attraction Summer Mastermind, I guide you through a process that trains you to focus your emotions and thoughts to get into that place of allowing & manifest your dreams. The course helps you adjust your focus onto what you want, where you are going, and who you are becoming. Join […]

Shadow Who? I’m Bringing the Light

“I got 99 problems but…” I hope you don’t have 99 problems but I’m guessing if I gave you a piece of paper, you could write down close to that if not more. Most of the things that you might write are not your problems. They are just conditions that are outside of your control […]

You Are Your Spiritual Guide

All that you seek lies within you. Yeah, I know. But its true. Really. Everything that you’ve done until now has been to try to get back to a sense of well-being. All any of us wants is to feel better. What gets us in knots is trying to seek that well-being from external sources, […]

Why You Shouldn’t Face Reality

When you have a thought about something, that’s because you’re vibrating at the same frequency as it. What’s so revolutionary about this is that it means everything that we think is “novel” or new thought-wise is already occurring.  Thought does not precede emotions/vibration. Vibration occurs first, then we have the thought. If you pay close […]

High Vibrational History Evening Edition

Today, I had a wonderful opportunity to practice removing myself from a negative situation. I know I attracted it because my attention has been focused on it. With that in mind, I won’t discuss this further. What I will tell you about is how amazing my day was. It truly was. I had two lovely […]

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