Mental Health

Moving Depression, Anxiety, and other Mental Illness

Last night, I had one of the most significant dreams I have ever had and there were lots of negative emotions and thoughts. This was a teaching dream.

Use the Power of Color to Get Into a Place of Allowing

In my class, Law of Attraction Summer Mastermind, I guide you through a process that trains you to focus your emotions and thoughts to get into that place of allowing & manifest your dreams. The course helps you adjust your focus onto what you want, where you are going, and who you are becoming. Join […]

Feel Bad? Focus Wheel!

Today, I realized something that some might call “bad news” and experienced some “mofo” (fear of missing out). For me, my inner being never sees any information as bad and never feels mofo. I had thoughts that were out of alignment from what my inner being felt, so I felt negative emotions. As I kept […]

The Law of Asha

My name, Asha, has many meanings. Only now have the significance those meanings been realized to me as they play out in my life. The story you tell about yourself sets the tone for your future. It actually resounds out into the world like a chord struck and those things of same vibration gravitate towards […]

Today I turned 29

I’ve spent it doing whatever the fuck I want. What’s made it special and magical is the realization that I could do these things every day…ok, everything except the long ass massage. I slowed down. I got lost. I bought Maya some good treats. And some for me too! And now I’m gonna nap so […]

What’s Your Non-negotiable?

I am being reminded…again…of the importance, not just importance, importance isn’t the right word. Non-negotiable Thats what I’m looking for. As someone who has been depressed and anxious and confused and lost…when I do not engage in my spiritual practices regularly,  on a good day, I’m unaffected. But when I hit a low, everything falls […]


The other night I had a dream that a lover led me onto a train. I had on one shoe and left my purse behind. I didn’t know where he was taking me and I didn’t feel prepared once we got on the train. The next morning I saw a train go by the opposite […]


Last year, I set my own standard of beauty: me. In my struggle with unworthiness, I knew one thing for sure, “I am beautiful. I am enough. I just don’t feel it yet.” So I faked it. I pretended I loved myself and did things I thought I would if I weren’t concerned with my […]

A Radical Approach to Resolutions

As you make your resolutions, goals, intentions, or wishes for this year, consider a more personal and humble approach: “Keep your resolutions for this year to yourself. See them as clouds in the sky instead of words on paper. We have no control over the shape or direction of clouds but we can state what […]

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