My Journey

The Law of Asha

My name, Asha, has many meanings. Only now have the significance those meanings been realized to me as they play out in my life. The story you tell about yourself sets the tone for your future. It actually resounds out into the world like a chord struck and those things of same vibration gravitate towards […]

Today I turned 29

I’ve spent it doing whatever the fuck I want. What’s made it special and magical is the realization that I could do these things every day…ok, everything except the long ass massage. I slowed down. I got lost. I bought Maya some good treats. And some for me too! And now I’m gonna nap so […]


The other night I had a dream that a lover led me onto a train. I had on one shoe and left my purse behind. I didn’t know where he was taking me and I didn’t feel prepared once we got on the train. The next morning I saw a train go by the opposite […]

My Top Personal 2020 Quotes

I went through all of my social media and blog posts from 2020 to remember all the moments and insights that meant the most to me then, signified a personal shift, or just sounded dang beautiful. I started at 1, at the beginning of this year. When I hit March I cried. As I read […]

Vlog: Am I Losing My Mind?

In this video, I share my experience waking up and feeling “off” and how I get back to center! I outline the steps I took over the past two days very clearly in the following video “You are not your Thoughts + Emotions! Get Back to Your Center!” which premieres on 12/5/20 :… Here’s […]

Shining a Light on Shame

Last week, I had a Fit for Service group call. Prior to the call, I pulled out my journal and wrote, “I’m not sure what to ask him. I don’t have any questions!” I came to the call to listen and see what I could learn and takeaway from everyone else. As I listened to […]

My Freeform Locs

I started this journey around 3 months ago and it was less that I really wanted to do it but more like…its happening. My guides spoke to me and I knew I was being led. It wasn’t about hair. I mean it was, but not in the way you might think. I talk about my […]


It was 2018…I was sitting in meditation and a voice told me to take a new name. After a week or so of research and meditation, it found me. Oya is my middle name but truly, I wanted it to be my first name. Why? It felt more like me at the time. I didn’t […]

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