Siren’s Song | Poem

This poem started in one place and I was quickly taken to another. Thank you for going on this journey with me. This poem began as a working through of my sexual desires and how those often misconstrued by those I engage with sexually. It was my desire to express how rough, surprising, and group […]

Projector Love Poem #2 |Poem

We have to cancel everything.But he just said yes?He didn’t say yes.He said yea.Oh my god.It doesn’t feel right.How can I even know if it was the right choice now?I shouldn’t have initiated,not without knowing.You can’t run the chart of every person you meet.Damn right I can!What are we gonna do now?I don’t know.Wait…until we […]

Rune | Poem

Sometimes I’m surprised by the words that come out of me. I’ve said as recently as a week ago that I don’t like to rhyme in my poetry and the universe said “oh really?” So here I am, sharing a rhyming poem with you! I giggled through most of it, completely flabbergasted that I was […]

Weathervane |Poem

This poem was inspired by a dream that I had the night of December 15th 2020. I was in a faraway place where passion, taste, talent, and uniqueness were all anyone cared about. Thank you @ericgodsey for inspiring me to write a #dreampoem because this is one of my coolest ones yet! The sky spins […]

Projector Love Poem #1 |Poem

Why did I do that?I should’ve just waited& waited & waitedlike a good Projectorbut what if he’s a Projector too& I miss out?He’s so cute!Doesn’t matter now.I already sent the text.Now we waitlike a good little Projector.

Poem | Humane

HUMANE adj.-having or showing compassion or benevolence.-inflicting the minimum of pain. How many of us would call ourselves humane? Ok, now how many of us do you really think fit the above definition of having or showing compassion or benevolence? Is our country humane? How much pain to we inflict on ourselves and others? I […]

Full Moon Effects

I felt the power of release this full moon. I released fears and old programming. I released a relationship that doesn’t serve me. I released hope that an old story would come to fruition. In return For listening to my soul’s call I am blessed The synchronicities exploded My ability to “see what others can’t […]

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