Cats, Dogs, Butts, and Paralysis! Read How I Interpreted These Dreams

Dreams are indicators of where we are vibrationally and can fast-track your self-awareness if you take the time to interpret them.

Here’s mine from last night.

The dream…

Mom gets diarrhea and goes to store to get something for it. Maya and black cat, named Samuel, get into progressively more intense play sessions until they turn into fights and I literally can’t pull them apart at one point. I can’t separate them and prevent them from reaching each other. It feels like pulling apart 2 strongly polarized magnets.  Each time I try to separate them they find each other faster the next time, are harder to pull apart, and more aggressive. I become afraid they will truly injure or kill each other. The cat is put in the car with its butt hole facing the out the right rear passenger window. Maya runs around a different side of property. A female friend there doesn’t help me. My mom returns and goes to bathroom to apply her butt hole medicine and she comes out. My friend asks if she’s ok and my mom says , “yeah as long as the medicine doesn’t seep our of my butt hole. ” I get grossed out. I wake up bc my alarm goes off.

The later sleep paralysis…

Sleep paralysis came as I work up. Felt like weighted blanket and deep massage. It came to me to chant “Every thing comes to me so easily I can touch it” and I felt myself rubbing my fingers of my right hand together and energy flowing through them. Then something shifted in my thoughts that did not feel good. I felt like a cramp coming or something and it got uncomfortable in my left thigh. I tried to yell or make noise and I heard myself but didn’t know if it was actually happening. The sleep paralysis lifted and I feel like crying. I felt tightness in my legs I’d been feeling all night. I need to stretch and a massage.

My Interpretation

I feel like my actions to separate the dog and the cat out of fear just amplified the negative emotions. Instead of trying to separate them, I felt the lesson was to ignore what they were doing right in front of me and view them with love, and feel the result of there loving union. This is the ultimate training of one’s focus: to look at something negative and be appreciative and see  the truth of it. Nothing is wrong. In their fighting they will create a desire for love, then move towards it.

On another level, dogs, to me, represent the physical, 3d world. They are very grounded to the Earth, and often literally covered in it. The dog was specifically a herding dog and Spirit Animals says, it could be letting you know that you may be judging others a little bit too much. More often than not, the traits we see in others that we dislike are the traits that we own. Thus, in effect, we are judging ourselves. If the dog is growling, then it suggests some inner conflict within yourself.

The cat is opposite. They are quite literally higher up and associated with communication with non-physical. They are reminders that we create our own reality and to believe in our selves. Black cats, according to Spirit Animal, are symbolic of magic and the use of gratitude and thankfulness for increasing your abundance. Black felines are also about trusting your journey and believing in yourself. They are a guide between the physical and the spiritual

So I feel like this was reflecting back to me the tension I felt between the physical and non-physical world, between what I know to be true and what most of society believes, between how I live my life and how others live theirs. Putting energy towards maintaining my separateness from what I see is just amplifying all the ways in which I am similar. Neither the cat or the dog are better, they are exhibiting the same behaviors and therefore co-creating the fighting.

I looked into the name of the cat. First thing I found was Archangel Chamuel who helps reduce emotional intensity and infuse unconditional love. But the name wasn’t exactly the same, so I next was led to, Samael, which means “Venom of God” or “Poison of God” or “Blindness of God” or “Left Hand of God” in Hebrew. I was next led to the Samuel in the Bible. According to 1 Samuel 1:20, Hannah named Samuel to commemorate her prayer to God for a child. “… [She] called his name Samuel, saying, Because I have asked him of the Lord” (KJV). The Hebrew root rendered as “asked” in the KJV is “sha’al”, a word mentioned seven times in 1 Samuel 1. Once it is even mentioned in the form “sha’ul”, Saul’s name in Hebrew (1 Samuel 1:28). According to the Holman Bible Dictionary, Samuel was a “[p]ersonal name in the Ancient Near East meaning, ‘Sumu is God’ but understood in Israel as ‘The name is God,’ ‘God is exalted,’ or ‘son of God.'”

When I saw the word “ask”, in bible excerpt, what came to mind was the book by Abraham-Hicks “Ask and It Shall Be Given” which is exactly what Hannah did prior to receiving Samuel. This is also a reflection of the force and power of non-physical associated with the cat.

I wasn’t going to but spirit wanted me to look up butt symbolism, so here we are. Check My Dream says, butts are a sign of defenselessness, guilt, something eating away at you. I could see this reflected in my journey with the Law of Attraction teachings. Sometimes I have felt guilt for the amazing life I have, the freedom I feel, and the things I’ve been able to attract. 

Moving on the the sleep paralysis, the transition was so smooth. I woke up normally and in less than a second, I was gently subdued into sleep paralysis almost as if a button had been pressed. It was so relaxing and I felt so safe. The phrase I was chanting is one that is very significant for me. It is on my desktop background, on my journal, and I say this to myself at least 100 times a day. The difference is the part “I can touch it” was new. It made me realize that I need to include this as a part of my mantra. I feel as if I was being given an upgrade or another lesson. It also reminds me of a dream I had earlier this year where I needed some money after giving mine away, and rubbed my fingertips together and created money. The shift in my thoughts to a negative place, although I tried to maintain my mantra, and the subsequent effect on my body showed me in such a visceral way how thoughts affect the health of the body. I was talking and coaching a friend through this the other day on a matter related to her health. 

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Cats, Dogs, Butts, and Paralysis! Read How I Interpreted These Dreams

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