Chained Dragon | Poem

What do you dream about?
What are your secret dreams?
The ones that curl up with you under the sheets?
The ones you whisper to one or two?

Is it to make an impact on the entire world?
To have a big family?
To be remembered after you’re dead?
To be extremely wealthy?
To buy a home or two or three?
To have an orgasm?
To feel completely loved?
To say whats on your mind?
To wear that particular outfit…you know the one?
To travel the world?
To be known for doing something great?

Let me tell you sweetie,
If you can dream it, its possible.

You are so much more powerful than you know.

There’s a beast inside of you that has destroyed whole worlds and rebuilt them in a single breath.

What is its name?
What does it feel like when it rages against ita restraints?
What if you set it free?


Chained Dragon | Poem

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