Guided Meditation: Color Breathing

What is Color Healing?

Color Healing is simply healing with colors. Each color has a frequency and that frequency is associated with certain parts of the body, certain emotions, and certain states of being. Color Healing is the application of color to address psychological, physiological, or energetic issues. Since everything in our universe is made of light and has a frequency, it can be affected by the frequency of color. Color healing has been used since ancient Egypt and beyond. Color healing has never fully disappeared but is making a resurgence. Color healing can be simple + powerful when one is intentional + safe. Each chakra has a color associated with it. By knowing what each chakra governs, we know color to use!

root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, pineal gland, crown, soul star, and seat of the soul chakras

What is Color Breathing?

Color Breathing is a modality in which one inhales or absorbs color into oneself. It is one of many ways colors can be used to heal. The color can be visualized then inhaled or simply beamed into certain body parts.

Color Breathing is not just used to address negative problems but can also enhance, elevate, empower, and expand one’s current state. For example, it can be used to increase one’s connection to and frequency of the divine masculine.

What to Expect from a Color Breathing Session

During a session, there will be a brief consultation where you will advise Asha of your issue and she will determine the appropriate colors to use and areas of body to breathe it into. Asha will then lead you through a visualization meditation where she will advise of what colors to breathe, where to breathe them, and, if needed, a mantra to repeat.

After a session, you may find that the recovery is very similar to an Energy Healing session. Color Breathing is a form of energy healing because we’re using the energy of the colors. You may feel very relaxed so consider a nap or taking it very slowly. You may also have experienced something noteworthy so please journal about it. You may continue to experience the effects of it days or weeks after so be gentle and compassionate with yourself. You may also have some intense emotions come up during or well after the session. This is normal. When we experience healing, its usually because a block or stagnant energy has been loosened and part of the releasing of it, is through your physical body in the form of expressing those emotions, body spasms, purging. It can very similar to a detox. Healing is not a passive experience, it is work. Be gentle with yourself as your mind, body, and spirit processes the energy that’s trying to exit your system.

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Asha is incredibly intuitive and connected. The color meditation she led me threw was so powerful and exactly what I needed at the time. 10/10 would recommend!

~Ronan Huskey

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Each session is 30 minutes and will include a brief consultation to understand your needs. Asha will determine the colors to be used and lead you through the meditation.

Multiple sessions allow Asha to build a relationship with you and as a result, you experience deeper healing. Pre-payment saves you money up front and provides you with 6 sessions that you can schedule at any interval you want. This sessions can also be gifted to others! The Pre-Payment package is $198 and saves you the most money (25%)!

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Individual sessions are also available at $44.

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